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As one of the rare full-service real estate brokers and consultants in Montreal – with expertise in Residential and Commercial Sales, Rentals, and Revenue Properties’ Management – VICOLE Real Estate Services & Consulting possess a quality industry expertise and an in-depth knowledge of Montreal area real estate.

At VICOLE Real Estate Services & Consulting, we believe living in Montreal and its area offers something special, outstanding and unique, something that expands possibilities and enriches people’s lives. We are glad that we are able to be a part of our clients’ journey of discovering Montreal.

Our goal is to find a solution to every task you give us and answer any question you might have. Are you planning to buy or sell an income property or a home? Are you already an owner, but some problems have arisen? Are you in the process of making an investment decision, refinancing, or renting your property? Are you not certain how to manage a specific situation? We can help you.

It’s that simple, whether you are looking to buy, sell, lease, or to make an insightful decision, let VICOLE Real Estate Services & Consulting be your real estate expert.


We understand that buying or selling a home is a personal and emotional experience. A home is a reflection of personality, life style, aspirations and making a real estate choice is a complex process on many levels. You are in good hands with VICOLE Real Estate Services & Consulting Team, both on professional and on personal levels.

We care about our clients, we work for our clients and we offer our knowledge and experience to protect their interests.

  • We care
  • We give
  • We protect
  • We deliver



Based on personal experience, we are well aware of complexities and difficulties of the real estate business. We know what it is like to enter this business without any experience, and we know how difficult it is to find people who are real professionals that you can trust to help you with all aspects of managing your revenue property.

Maximize Your Rental Property’s Return on Investment with us.

  • Preserve Your Property
  • Get Shorter Vacancies and Quality Tenants
  • Avoid Rental Property Hassles and Save Time
  • Stay Informed and Organized
  • Rely on professional expertise



Real Estate transactions require not only the ability to deal with technical, legal, and financial issues but also personal skills such as diplomacy, sales skills, and the ability to be proactive. As long-term participants in the field of real estate, we would like to share our knowledge and expertise with you and help you along your way of buying or selling your property, or establishing a successful real estate business.

We consult and coach our clients about acquiring, owning, and managing a revenue property.

  • Be more informed with us
  • Make smarter choices with us
  • Solve any conflict with Peace – learn with us
  • Use our knowledge as your power
  • Be prepared and it is half of your victory



Our company specializes in property management for foreign investors who invest in the Canadian Real Estate market while being non-residents or deemed to be non-residents of Canada.

For this specific category of clients, we not only provide consulting services and full spectrum of management services, but we also completely administer their fiscal and financial affairs, acting as their official representatives in Canada.

Our service range for International investor is tailored specifically for foreigners and provides a full follow-through at all stages of the investment process.

Our essential objective is to assist you in creating, developing and maintaining a successful and profitable business.

We see your needs as a top priority and we are always there for you to address any of your concerns and to find solutions to any of your problems. The money you have invested has been earned by your hard work, and we want to see your money work for you and multiply.

Helping you succeed is our job, and we measure “success” in terms of the profitability of your business.

The Success of our clients is our Success!


Looking for a house, or a condo unit to live in? Willing to invest in a house or condo or revenue building?

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