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Are you planning to acquire an income property? Are you already an owner, but some problems have arisen? Are you in the process of making an investment decision, refinancing, or renovating your property? Are you not certain how to manage a specific situation?

We will help you to analyze your situation, taking your financial goals as our primary consideration. We can help you determine the worthiness of one property over another, based on our evaluation of the property’s physical and financial condition, of its potential to generate a certain cash flow, and of possible or actual operating and capital investments. We will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the selected property based on taxation and interest rates, on your personal short and long term plans, and on your desired management style and we will recommend what you could do and will refer you to the appropriate professional should the need be.

We consult and coach our clients about any questions related to acquiring, owning, managing and selling a real estate property. We do not provide legal advice but help you to make insightful decisions and act accordingly.

Our coaching program is tailored to suit different groups of real estate owners:

  • You are a real estate investor who wants to increase the value of their property and maximize the return on investment. LET US SHOW HOW TO INCREASE THE REVENUE AND REDUCE EXPENSES AND HAVE SATISFIED TENANTS.
  • You manage your property yourself but are overwhelmed with problems and ready to quit. LET US HELP YOU. YOU CAN DO IT, YOU JUST REQUIRE A BIT OF HELP!
  • You are looking for a coaching in dealing with tenants and to solve everyday life situations avoiding conflicts and attain the results you need and expect. We believe that any conflict could be resolved by peaceful means. LEARN HOW TO TALK TO PEOPLE AND ESTABLISH A GREAT RELATIONSHIP WITH THE MOST COMPLICATED TENANTS.


  • Questions related to an acquisition of real estate or to its sale
  • Due diligence assistance, documents’ and property analysis
  • Management strategy development
  • Rental management and profitability issues
  • Operating budget planning and creation
  • Taxation for resident and non-residents
  • Tenants’ screening and issues

Looking for a house, or a condo unit to live in? Willing to invest in a house or condo or revenue building?

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