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8 steps of becoming a successful investor in Rental Real Estate Property

As any other investment, real estate investment requires a certain awareness and understanding of this type of investing opportunity. Qualitative and conservative analysis of your financial situation will allow you to avoid mistakes and become a successful investor. Primarily, the investor, especially a beginner, has to determine the investment strategy and obtain some essential knowledge about revenue properties. This is what you need to do:
  1. Evaluate yourself and identify strengths and weaknesses of your character. After all, only you know the skills, personality, ability to make decisions and set priorities as well as the level of patience in certain situations, i.e. risk tolerance. As an investor, you can create your perfect future or kill your initiative, without even starting.
  1. Determine your goals: whether you already have a property and you are willing to buy an additional rental property to increase your income. Do you plan to live there yourself or rent a property, or live in and / or rent remaining apartments, or you plan to purchase a property as an investment for your future and / or retirement.
  1. Calculate your budget and determine how much you plan to invest as initial down payment, and how much you need to have cash flow for additional expenses such as consultant, inspector, notary and so on.
  1. Determine the minimum and maximum initial investment you are ready to provide. The less you invest, the more you get in return for your money. Explore financing opportunities.
  1. Study the market yourself or consult a specialist who knows the real estate market and can guide you through current market conditions.
  1. Determine how much time you can devote to managing your property, whether you will do it yourself or will hire a management company. Competent management plays a huge role in the success of your investments.
  1. Determine for yourself the period to expect capital gains. This is important in order to avoid stress. Your expectations should correspond to industry standards. For example, the typical cycle of the real estate market is 5 to 8 years and sometimes up to 10-12 years.
  1. Know exactly the scope of your responsibilities managing your investment. In any case, you may need professional help. Very often, the assistance of a lawyer, accountant, real estate agent and manager can be invaluable and help not only save your money, but multiply it.
Consider seriously and wisely your investment strategy and do not forget to review it regularly. Market is a living mechanism, so your plan of action should also be dynamic.