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Property Management


Real estate property management requires a wide spectrum of tasks that take pragmatism, operational efficiency, and the ability to foresee events that may influence the profitability.

We believe that in order to maximize the profitability, it is necessary to have an optimizing management approach.

We take care of all the necessary arrangements with municipalities, tenants, and contractors. We pay special attention to working with superintendents, who are the key to the successful management of the property. A well selected and trained personnel helps to reduce the operational costs of the building and maximize the profitability. Good, rational maintenance of the building guaranties an increase in the number of satisfied tenants, which in return helps to increase rent systematically and to keep a stable operation of the property. For small-sized properties where a full-time superintendent is not required, our employees will serve his role.

Irrespective of the type of property, be it a condo, a duplex, or an apartment building, our property management services are an effective and professional. We provide you with regular, detailed reports on the work fulfilled in regards to your investment.

property management


Property Management

If property management is what you want to do, we offer consulting services to get you started. Our company brings together experts and partners who can help you with any issues related to rental properties. Our task is to find a solution to any problem that might arise.

Are you planning to acquire an income property? Are you already an owner, but some problems have arisen? Are you in the process of making an investment decision, refinancing, or renovating your property? Are you not certain how to manage a specific situation? We can help you.

We will help you to analyze your situation, taking your financial goals as our primary consideration. We can help you determine the worthiness of one property over another, based on our evaluation of the property’s physical and financial condition, of its potential to generate a certain cash flow, and of possible or actual operating and capital investments. We will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the selected property based on taxation and interest rates, on your personal short and long term plans, and on your desired management style.

Non-Canadian investors

Our company specializes in property management for investors who invest in the Canadian Real Estate market who are non-resident or are deemed to be non-residents of Canada.

For this specific category of clients, we not only provide consulting services and full spectrum of management services, but also we completely administer their fiscal and financial affairs, as their official representatives in Canada.

The political, economic, and legislative stability of Canada as well as foreign citizens’ right to acquire and own property in Canada guarantees investments themselves and their stable growth. At the same time, investing money in a foreign country is a bit risky since there is always a lack of knowledge of other country’s laws and regulations, local mentality, and cultural traditions. Therefore, it is essential to have a trusted professional company who will represent you in Canada in order to secure your investments from unforeseen events and help you to avoid mistakes to the greatest extent possible.

Our role is to help you to deal with the specifics of Canadian legislation regarding Rental Real Estate properties, to handle fiscal matters for you as a non-resident, and to be your guide through all stages of our cooperation, starting from an investment project of acquiring a first property and creating a real estate portfolio, to managing your properties and their subsequent profitable sale.

Property Management

You will find more detailed information on our services in the Packages and FAQ sections, by calling us at +1 (514) 294-5868. You could also visit our Facebook Page for the latest industry trends.

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